Meredith + Jordan | Wedding

I think I may be a little bit partial to this wedding. It’s no secret that I get to be a guest at quite a few weddings and every once in awhile, one will set itself apart. Meredith and Jordan hosted a romantic winter wedding held at The Belle Hollow in Clarksville, TN. After seeing this affair, I’m going to vote that more brides choose winter and all it’s charm for their “theme”!

Surrounded by evergreen pine, candles, and hints of glamour… you couldn’t help but feel the love. This day oozed romance. The couple only added to the atmosphere with their high school sweetheart story. Meredith even wore her high school prom shoes from their first big date! Can’t get much sweeter than that.

Watching them, I caught his sweet, adoring glances and her feeling completely loved and sure. It was though they were meant to be by each other’s side and it showed in not only the big moments but also in the in between. The quiet exchanges. This wedding was one where every witness couldn’t help but say “Yes, this is how it should be”.

Meredith thought of every detail and oh, how I love her for that! Nothing makes me more giddy than details! Have fun getting wedding envy over her too-perfect winter affair…

Ceremony and Reception: The Bellow Hollow









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