Commercial Testimonials

Mandy Bryant

Shea photographed our crew in action on the farm to put on our website. She was awesome to work with, willing to ride in a man lift and the back of a truck in a dusty corn field with machinery running all around, climbed a grain bin, whatever it took to get the best possible shots. And as always…she delivered! Our photos are stunning and we get complements from others constantly.

Dr. Cornell

Shea has been capturing my business and personal special moments for three years. I have always been impressed with her creative ability and her way of capturing you and others at their best. She has a great way of working with everyone in the shoot from co-workers to making fussy babies smile!

Whitney Lutz

Shea is a truly gifted photographer. She goes out of her way to make her photos and the experience unique and special for you. She really knows how to capture the moment with a photography style that is very natural and real. Her work and attitude are outstanding!

Mel Dennis

I MEAN JUST SHUT UP!!!! I can not believe what you did!!!!! I knew you were the best at what you do, but I mean, come on!!!! You are sooooo damn talented that I am just about to scream! I can’t even stand my excitement. Total freak out. Total freak out.

Alana Ward

There is no better way to describe Photography by Shea than to say, creative professionalism. I have worked with Shea on commercial photography shoots for my business and also on personal photography of my family. I have never once been disappointed and in fact, am more impressed with each session. She has a way of translating our personalities through the lens of her camera and I am fortunate to have her to help chronicle our professional and private lives. Hire… Read more »