cancer // halfway

cancer // halfway

This weekend was probably one of the hardest so far. I spent 3 beautiful sunny days on the couch and in the bathroom, super sick from side effects. I had my pity party. I felt sorry for myself. I got angry. There were tears. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to tell my doctor, “I don’t care, I need a break”. Now that my medication is working and I’m starting to feel better… yes, I still want… Read more »

cancer // the other side

Hello readers of Shea’s blog. While Shea is all strung out on Benadryl, I am sneaking in to do a little guest post. Just a little back story for those like three of you who don’t know who I am… Shea and I met at a photography workshop on January 10, 2010. I found my notes.. not secretly celebrating our friendaversary every year or anything.. How has it only been six years. Feels like 16. There was no ‘getting to… Read more »

cancer // first day of chemo

2.9.16 Writing this at 2am. Eva woke up to eat. Sleeping-all-night was a blissful short lived gift that I hope will return soon! Putting her back to sleep is so sweet and quick, though, and sweet Josh takes over the bottle portion, so it’s not that bad at all. However, I took some medicine for nausea and now I can’t go back to sleep. I keep thinking about my first chemo day, and this week, the stuff that runs through your mind… Read more »

cancer // incredible news

2.3.16 Time for the follow-up appointment, anxious to hear if they found any cancerous cells in the organs they removed from surgery. The nurse called to say they wanted me to meet with the radiologist while I was there, and that they had the results from the tests, but she wouldn’t tell me if it was good or bad. They wanted me to take a hearing test as well, as sometimes the cisplatin can damage your hearing. (Awesome). Mom, Dad and… Read more »

cancer // life is terminal

2.1.16 Today was so restful. My sweet sister and mom decluttered our tiny house. I was getting overwhelmed looking at all the STUFF exploding from behind every door while being trapped on the couch. Confession: In the back of my mind today, I started wondering if Eva really remembered me (I know that’s silly and I blame the missing hormones and the devil trying to steal my joy) but the thought was still there. So many other sweet people have been taking… Read more »