Tatiana + Patrick | Engaged

Tatiana + Patrick | Engaged

Tatiana and I met over a spa day, poolside with cocktail in hand, for our friend’s wedding. We instantly hit it off (right Tatiana? haha) and I got to meet her precious fiancĂ© at Brooke and Cleve’s wedding. I was so excited they wanted me to come to Atlanta to do their engagement photos… and made the 5-hr trek down to hang out and walk around their adorable neighborhood in Alpharetta. I was surprised to see all the location variety,… Read more »

Ashley + Adam | Clarksville Wedding Photographer

One word could describe this wedding… a word that means FUN, but sounds cooler than that and at the same time meaning elegant and entertaining? :) Help me out wordsmiths. In every detail and aspect of their day, you could tell that Ashley and Adam catered to their friends and family. They were given the perfect weather and a flawless and seemingly stress-free day… by the end of the night, my mouth was hurting from smiling so much and laughing… Read more »

Ashley | Clarksville Bridal Portraits

Ashley had made the long trek home from Knoxville for her bridal session and it just POURED all weekend. We decided to go ahead and do a few shots in her parent’s and grand parents’ homes and I couldn’t have been happier with the settings. Despite the weather, it always seems to work out… and we created something totally different in the process. She was simply stunning. Next post: the wedding… but until then, check out the rest of Ashley’s… Read more »

bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part two

I might have mentioned before how us Halliburton girls can sense a camera close by. I tried my hardest to sneak up on the happy couple in my parents front yard, right after the ceremony. Unsuccessfully, Sara caught me, but couldn’t hold back that cheerleader inside. :) The excitement on her face, the look in both their eyes… hands down, this was my most favorite moment of the day. My favorite shot of the day: Chad’s hands around Sara’s back,… Read more »

bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part one

Of course, as sisters, we always knew and assumed (okay, demanded) that we’d be each other’s co-maids-of-honors one day when we were big and brides. :) I had never even imagined, A. that I wouldn’t be FIRST and B. that I’d reach a photographer’s dilemma: be in/attend a wedding or shoot it? Good thing, with Sara’s wedding, I didn’t really have to choose, thanks to the help of my fellow photo friends Kristen and Eva. Sara’s wedding was the definition… Read more »