bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part one

Of course, as sisters, we always knew and assumed (okay, demanded) that we’d be each other’s co-maids-of-honors one day when we were big and brides. :) I had never even imagined, A. that I wouldn’t be FIRST and B. that I’d reach a photographer’s dilemma: be in/attend a wedding or shoot it? Good thing, with Sara’s wedding, I didn’t really have to choose, thanks to the help of my fellow photo friends Kristen and Eva. Sara’s wedding was the definition of DIY. Not only was the wedding and ceremony AT our home, but Mom designed and created all the flower arrangements and decorated the reception; Dad landscaped, rigged lights, and laid plywood for the dance floor (I heard him hammering at 4:30 am the morning of the wedding!); our neighbor Dona catered the reception; Lindsey did all the hair and makeup for ALL of us; Lindsey’s fiancĂ© and his dad built a pergola for the ceremony; and I created the invitations, designed then printed programs the day OF, threw a bachelorette party the night before, and lead photography for the wedding. The dream team. Looking back now, it was actually fun and really rewarding so see what all we could pull off…

but enough of behind the scenes… here is the wedding day through a bridesmaid/photographer’s lens…

Daddy and his girls. :) And I can’t get enough of this little series below… Chad’s niece and nephew are absolutely adorable and best buds.

And THIS folks, is why I LOVE the first peek: when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony… all for moments like these. I’m so honored I got to be there to capture it.

My gorgeous family… I hope I inherited these same genes…

in order above: mother, great-grandmother, daughter, grandmother… and below, with Kinsley, makes FIVE generations of women.

Part two to come… :) Can’t wait any longer? View their all their wedding photos and slideshow here.

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