Back where I come from…

I recently photographed a few Clarksville landmarks for my buddy’s new Orthodontics website. It brought me back to the ole class project days… strolling around town with my camera, for fun… a nice change to be shooting buildings instead of faces for an afternoon. :) I used my precious Horizon panoramic for a unique perspective. It works great for architecture, but I’ve found it’s fun for weddings and group shots. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites, but you can view the series here. The photo above features a shot of Franklin Street, home of my favorite restaurant -The Blackhorse Brewery- and the Roxy Theatre… featured in Sheryl Crow’s music video, ‘All I Wanna Do’.

The Customs House Museum.

Clarksville’s new Courthouse building, rebuilt after a tornado ripped through our downtown in 1999.

One of our gorgeous downtown churches, Madison Street Methodist. The steeples were rebuilt after that same tornado damaged over half of the church building.

Dunbar Cave. Fun local spot for hikers and fishermen these days, but they used to hold dances here years and years ago. I can imagine it was nice with the cold air coming from the cave.

aww… my little alma mater. :) Let’s go Peay!