cancer // photos with my eva


A dear sweet friend, Sara Rose, came early this morning to spend time with us, laugh, cry, clean my house, talk about Jesus and take photos of me with my sweet Eva. Seriously, this girl was on her knees wiping my floor and then captured these precious moments with my baby. I hope Eva can look at these one day and see strength and love and happiness. I hope she can see how much I love her. I hope she can see how proud I am of her.

Eva was an ANGEL all morning. Seriously, a month ago, there is no way I could snuggle and move around with her while snoozing, much less without fussing. I really believe God gave her a peaceful spirit through this hard time. I mean, of course she was lovely before, but we didn’t call her ‘Eva-Diva’ for nothing. :) These past couple weeks, she’s been so content and peaceful and SMILEY. It just lights up my heart! I am SO happy we could capture this time.

Sara Rose is a woman who loves with her whole heart, on her sleeve, bursting with joy and emotion and LOVE! She has a contagious happy spirit. She has an incredible gift for capturing these soft intimate moments up close and SO lovely. I hope she doesn’t mind that I share her words that just speak volumes to the friend she is:

‘I pray these photos bring you light. I pray they bring you life. I pray they bring you happiness. And, I pray with every part of me, that they bring you HOPE. God, Thank You for this beautiful friendship. Thank You for giving us such a wonderful morning of life giving moments. We felt Your presence in a real and true way today, Jesus. Thank You for giving baby Eva a calm, peaceful and happy spirit as we captured this very special time in their life. Thank You for giving Shea the energy to move around and love on her baby girl. You are the Lord of hope and we are so grateful. We lift Shea up to you and ask humbly for complete healing over our dear friend. We give You all the glory. In Your Name. Amen’

View more work from my talented and precious photographer friend on her website here.

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