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I absolutely love photographing newborns… especially when I have the chance to capture them and their proud parents in their own environment. You might hear this called a ‘lifestyle’ session… it’s uniqueness is photographing your LIFE as it is, usually in your home or a place special to you, instead of more posed and in a studio environment. The natural shots… of a mother rocking her baby and a proud daddy carefully changing a diaper… the siblings bouncing on their beds while the new baby gets to eat… crying and fussing and sometimes a blow-out or two. haha. This is life, right? :) Catching those moments is what I’m all about.

Here are a few recent lifestyle sessions, shot on location in their home… starting with little Stella:

One of my favorite parts is photographing the nursery and all the sweet details. How clever is this little display above her changing table? Stella’s mom said she used a scrapbooking punch and different papers and just placed them in this shadowbox. Love it.

Little baby Britton… these first two might be some of my favorite ever.¬†An adoring daddy and in a split second, mom looks over with a watchful and loving glance. I didn’t pose them. I just watched through my lens.

Miss Hannah… AND family. I loved photographing Hannah’s siblings, Lauren and David, before she was born. They were SO excited to have me return to see the new baby and more importantly their huge playroom, costumes and a new race car bed. :) You never know what to expect when you walk into someone’s home, especially with a new little one and even more so with a two and four year old running around, too! It was such a blast.

Many more to come, but you can always view my most recently added work on my portfolio site:

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