Santa Babies…

Many of you may have already received these Christmas cards in the mail, but I was so excited about how they turned out, I just have to share my shots from such a fun day!

Avery was such a little trooper while we shot the Russell’s first Christmas family photos. These are just a few of my favorites… be sure to watch their slideshow to see all her precious shots!

Just a couple of hours later the Balthrops showed up for their Christmas session.
Little Charlie thought he was so big up in the hay bales and wanted to do everything his cousin Grayden did, making my photo direction alot easier! I love this series we did on an old scale in front of our barn… so many goodies hanging everywhere.

This one is just so precious to me. :) See all of Charlie and Grayden’s Christmas session here. For their cards, I came across this GREAT site for photo cards, announcements, etc… ‘In a Baby Carriage’ … the quality was great, I’ll definitely be using them again!

I must post ‘The Jackson Five’ Christmas quick session, too! Ashley and Steven are good friends of mine, and I actually shot some coverage of their wedding weekend… but for this session: second time’s a charm. :) We did one pretty tricky shoot with the help of Ashley’s mom. (ever tried getting 2 people + 3 dogs to look at you, much less sit still and face the same direction? and not step in poo in the process?) But my hard drive crashed after our first session (SCARY!) and we lost all our efforts. Ashley and Steven are troopers, though, and so understanding! So with the help of the neighboring girls holding treats above my head, we finally got it! :)

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