cancer // the hair


It’s gone. I was so ready for it to go. After days of running my hands through my hair to come out with handfuls… seeing it all over my clothes, my house, falling on Eva and getting caught in her clammy little baby fists… it was time. Trying to wash it and dry it and then spend twice as long cleaning it up, I was ready to rip the bandaid off.

They said it would start to fall out around Day 14 from when chemo started. I made it a week longer than they predicted!

Sweet sisters, Lindsey and Sara, came over tonight, we ate and laughed and then buzzed off all of my hair. Mom said she couldn’t watch. I felt peaceful about all of it. Really. I haven’t shed one tear for it, yet. It just felt so good to get a clean slate. To not worry about washing and cleaning up my hair trail. To not look in the mirror for however many more days to see it dropping into my hands and sink. No more anticipation. I feel so relieved… and my head feels so nice and cool! Going for a Natalie Portman, Brittney Spears and Demi Moore look, ha. :)

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Then, in typical sisterly fashion, they lightened the mood and decided to model my new wigs, dorks. I knew they secretly wanted to be brunette like me! We still need to cut + color my free wig from American Cancer Society… and my friend Sara sent this sassy little red number! Excited to try a few more and have some fun with this!


Feels so great to have this part done and behind me. Thank you Jesus for His continued Peace through all of this. Thank you to everyone who is continuing to pray for minimal side effects. I started Round 2 of chemo Tuesday and Radiation yesterday. Still feeling pretty good. A little more nauseated, a little more tired, but still good + trying to find the joy in it! 5 chemo days down, 13 more to go!


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