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Recently a show was put together in downtown Clarksville showcasing a collection of projects using the hand-carved wood type. Cindy asked the alumni and those who had worked with the press to create a piece for the show… so of course best friend Allison and I decided to collaborate. We met our first semester at Austin Peay and became inseperable… bonding over art, Jesus and our love for music (hence the george michael reference).

I spent an entire summer during my college days with dirty hands in a little old house filled with wonderful wood letters. I count myself so lucky to have had that experience and a chance to work with my dear professor and friend, Cindy Marsh and the press. This small tent is a replica of the life-size piece that we worked on that summer, featuring the first chapter of the book of Genesis.

I was also excited to see that Cindy shared one of my works from her bookmaking class. I had almost forgotten about creating this… 4 smaller books within one book (made from an old cigar box) about my family.

There were many collaborations… this above was one of my favorites, created by Austin Peay students. Seeing all the type was so inspiring and got me itching to work on a project this summer and get these hands dirty again. :)

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