LLadybird + Local Honey | fashion

LLadybird + Local Honey | fashion

Recently I was asked to collaborate with a crazy-talented designer, LLadybird, for Local Honey’s fall premier. Luckily, with the quick turnaround, I was able to pull three gorgeous models out of my sleeve and borrow my old middle-school hallway for the shoot. :) Thanks so much to all you girls for the hardwork (and tons of fun had)… here are just a few of my favorite shots, but you can see the full session here. Clothing (hello, she MADE these… Read more »

bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part two

I might have mentioned before how us Halliburton girls can sense a camera close by. I tried my hardest to sneak up on the happy couple in my parents front yard, right after the ceremony. Unsuccessfully, Sara caught me, but couldn’t hold back that cheerleader inside. :) The excitement on her face, the look in both their eyes… hands down, this was my most favorite moment of the day. My favorite shot of the day: Chad’s hands around Sara’s back,… Read more »

bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part one

Of course, as sisters, we always knew and assumed (okay, demanded) that we’d be each other’s co-maids-of-honors one day when we were big and brides. :) I had never even imagined, A. that I wouldn’t be FIRST and B. that I’d reach a photographer’s dilemma: be in/attend a wedding or shoot it? Good thing, with Sara’s wedding, I didn’t really have to choose, thanks to the help of my fellow photo friends Kristen and Eva. Sara’s wedding was the definition… Read more »

a friday feature: brides boutique photo shoot

Yes, it’s friday night and I’m trying to whiddle down my never ending to-do list. Don’t feel sorry for me, though…it’s my own fault. There are just too many exciting things going on! The latest house project of painting diamonds on my sunroom floor, working on my sister’s wedding for next weekend, lots of super fun shoots and weddings to edit…oh my! Blogging about all my adventures seems to end up on the backburner every week, but I promise to… Read more »