LLadybird + Local Honey | fashion

Recently I was asked to collaborate with a crazy-talented designer, LLadybird, for Local Honey’s fall premier. Luckily, with the quick turnaround, I was able to pull three gorgeous models out of my sleeve and borrow my old middle-school hallway for the shoot. :) Thanks so much to all you girls for the hardwork (and tons of fun had)… here are just a few of my favorite shots, but you can see the full session here.

Clothing (hello, she MADE these with her HANDS!): Lauren Taylor, LLadybird

Hair: Lindsey Halliburton (most favorite stylist/magician)

Makeup: Sara Halliburton Hendrix (brilliance in fake lashes and red lipstick)

Models: Lindsey, Sara, and Cass Moore (my intern extraordinaire)

Location: Richview Middle School (thank you Lisa!)

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