a long time comin’… lauren weakley

Dusting off a few oldies but goodies… seems like I didn’t post ANYTHING from 2009 and I’m determined to get caught up! :) This gorgeous girl is performing Saturday with her band at Clarkville’s Rivers & Spires Festival… and so, the perfect time to give the talented Lauren Weakley a plug and share the highlights from our session together this past fall.

Lauren and I go way back… big buds since elementary school… and even from first grade, I knew she wanted to be a country music star. :) Only for the lack of embarrassment on my end, I’m holding back from sharing the many music videos we made… all those weekends in middle school… we were just the definition of cool. Right, Lauren? haha. It must have been great practice, because she’s all over the music scene in Nashville and really being heard. I’m proud of you friend, for going for your dream and putting yourself out there.

Be sure to watch for upcoming shows and grab an ear-full of this Dolly and Reba lovin’ lady… she’s here, this Saturday at Rivers & Spires in Clarksville… and available on iTunes. How cool is that? :)

(And just a little proof… couldn’t help from pulling this out to share! haha.)

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