Megan & Eric

IT WAS A HANDS DOWN WHO WAS GOING TO PHOTOGRAPH the most important day of our lives together. I had stalked Shea’s photographs for years and they were so creative & timeless. Shea was like a wedding consultant as well as a photographer. She was so helpful giving information on wedding ideas that worked great and those that didn’t, and more than bent over backwards on a holiday weekend in 100 degrees to make sure we got our wedding weekend captured! Shea truly treats you like a best friend. She tactfully handled the onlookers at our venue as well as other sticky situations with such class. I couldn’t imagine using a photographer different than her. Even the photographer friend she brought was just perfect to us—she just has good taste! Shea will be our lifelong special moment capturer with her amazing photographs & charming personality. I just wish I could carry her around in my pocket! Shea—from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU. Eric & I just adore you.

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