a pretty big deal for little ole me

Just a quick post on this Monday, as I’m recouping from actually being IN a wedding this past weekend {more on that fabulous-ness to come!} … I was so excited to get an email from the creators of White Thread {a fabulous blog featuring weddings and details in and from the Carolinas}. Dina Holland came across Brooke and Cleve’s Southport, North Carolina wedding, and their AH-MAZING letterpress invitations stopped her dead in her tracks. Designed by the bride and groom themselves {it’s hard to find a more talented couple}, and printed by Studio on Fire, these little gems are like butter in your hands, and totally reflected upon the greatness that was their wedding celebration. Cleve even customized the basket weave pattern with a Latin phrase and their wedding date: In faith we walk, in faith we love, in faith we live forevermore. September 14, 2008.


I have a deep love and appreciation for letterpress. HUGE FAN. I spent an entire summer over a wood-block letterpress, similar to what Hatch Show Print of Nashville works with, helping my favorite art professor print the first book of the bible for one of her creations. It’s a luxurious detail that I know I want for MY wedding one day! Being able to FEEL a design, to FEEL the words, really takes print to a whole new level. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I really adore touching things… seeing with my fingertips. Will likes to point out how I can’t pass by something/anything without touching it… who doesn’t like to use as many of their senses as possible, at once? Right? ;) ANYWAYS. White Thread decided to also feature my images captured at Brooke and Cleve’s gorgeous wedding. Check out my appearance on ANOTHER blog! {does this mean that I’m one step closer to being kind of a big deal in this virtual blog world?} It feels like a pretty big one for me.

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