jenny | class of 2010

SO, I’m pretty sure Jenny and I clicked right away… just like peas and carrots… (couldn’t resist!) We started out at the family farm, tobacco greenhouse included (LOVE!!!) and a few in ‘the new barn’ built to replace one that she accidently burnt to the ground. Oops! ;) Total accident. Not really the barn-burner type, Jenny is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth girls you’ll find.

And the many-faces-o-jenny. Personality all over the place.

Then off to the coolest and crustiest old house that I’ve seen! (and you know how I adore some crusty old places!) The house has been in Jenny’s family for generations and we teased her how it could be her next home during college! Just needs a little cleaning and indoor plumbing? Yep, we definitely snapped a few over by the outhouse, too. :)

View more of Jenny’s slideshow and session here. Congrats on graduating sweet friend! I had the best time with you and I’m so excited to keep in touch and see where you go next!

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