bridesmaid + photographer: my sister’s wedding part two

I might have mentioned before how us Halliburton girls can sense a camera close by. I tried my hardest to sneak up on the happy couple in my parents front yard, right after the ceremony. Unsuccessfully, Sara caught me, but couldn’t hold back that cheerleader inside. :) The excitement on her face, the look in both their eyes… hands down, this was my most favorite moment of the day.

My favorite shot of the day: Chad’s hands around Sara’s back, during this same time of celebration above…

I want them to have this as a giant canvas on their wall. LOVE IT.

SO on the the party! The tent was set up beside the pool… so glad we convinced mom to do the floating candles… I just love this shot that Eva and Kristen got during the reception. THANK YOU for thinking of things like this while I was running around and greeting folks! It really captures the setting.

Mom did such a great job on the flower arrangements. People were touching them all night to decide if they were real. Silk flowers were a HUGE money saver. Also highly recommended on a smaller budget: walmart’s fine selection of $2.97 bottles of wine. YES! It’s actually really good! You can can buy wine at any grocery store in Birmingham (and I THINK all of Alabama)… so one trip back home, I loaded up with 9 cases of wine in my car. Good thing there were no accidents involved… I would have surely been arrested for bootlegging! haha. I love how they used an old bathtub for cooling the drinks, too.

The dances… Joel Brown Band did a GREAT job keeping the dancing going and everyone was a huge fan of ‘Short’ the sax player. :)

We knew our precious dad couldn’t handle a sappy slow song… and he LOVES LOVES to dance… so they started with ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. It was perfect and I think he really enjoyed showing his moves instead of holding back tears the whole time. :)

Then on to the blubbering mess that was our speeches. :) OF COURSE Sara preferred us speak at the reception instead of the nice intimate and cozy and not scary rehearsal dinner! WHY NOT? SURE! Lindsey and I were about to puke the whole time leading up. I DO NOT like giving speeches… we do hair and photos… SARA is the outgoing head-cheerleader type. Not us. :) We had practiced on the way from the salon that morning and couldn’t even get through the intro… we were both in tears… SO we decided to wing it. GREAT IDEA! I’m not really even sure what I said… it was a train wreck. I’m so thankful that there is no AUDIO documentation of our toasts… but really adore this little series below. :)

Whew. Glad that was over. :)

One of the most fun activities of the night was the photo booth. Kristen and Cody did an AWESOME JOB. HIGHLY suggest having one! The photos are really the perfect party favor for guests and everyone had a blast. Then it makes the perfect guest book afterwards, as photos are pasted and notes are written. Such a perfect keepsake.


Like I said, Dad loves to dance and ALSO sing. He proudly (and tastefully) performed his latest song about our president at the reception. If you run into my dad, please ask him to sing it for you. You’ll only have to ask once. :)

Congrats to the happy couple. It was such a fun night and I couldn’t be happier for you :)

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