inspired… STILL!

What a blessing these past few weeks have been… inspiration (and conviction) hitting me in the face from everywhere! It’s funny how much more you can see and be receptive to when you’re not glued to a computer til 2 am. :) Mike Larson spoke at the Nashville PUG yesterday. He is truly an inspiration, not only as a photographer, but you can tell he LOVES LIFE and LOVES HIS WIFE. I think about what I want people to take away from meeting me, knowing me, working with me… and it’s NOT ‘she’s so busy/unapproachable/unavailable’. I worry that’s what comes across, especially during busy seasons when I think that I’m being a servant by not turning anyone down or saying no to any work, TRYING to be a people pleaser. Looking back, saying no to nothing pleases no one. What is it all for? I need to be THERE for those who need me. Quality over quantity. Loving PEOPLE over world/stuff/work. DUH right? Seems simple and logical? I’m sure this is an especially common battle for small business owners and self employed folks everywhere. Balance. Priorities. We all need a mission statement, a reminder, in our face, everyday, of who we want to be… and on the day before my 28th birthday, I think this is the perfect time to start mine. :)

Mike shared this quote during his presentation. It pretty much sums up what I want to be.

“Lord, as I get older I would like to be known as available more than a hard worker, compassionate more than competent, content, not driven, generous instead of rich, gentle over being powerful, a listener more than a great communicator, loving vs quick or bright, reliable and not famous, sacrificial instead of successful, self controlled rather than being excited, thoughtful more than gifted, I want to be a foot washer, I want to finish well.” – John Maxwell

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