eight states in eight weeks | traveling with isaac

This Saturday marks the beginning of wedding season and the end of any possible spontaneity… just til the end of June. What did I decide to do with these past several weeks of freedom? Finally fix my lack-luster website? NAH. That can wait. Organize my life/find a routine/avoid that snooze button? NOPE. Cram in numerous fun trips across the country and check a few states/super fun places/best buddy visits off my list? Ummm YES. I guess it’s hitting me now that I have about 8 million things I shouldve done/couldve done/wouldve maybe done… but in my opinion, all travels pan out the same way… totally worth it. :)

Speaking of ‘totally worth it’… so is Isaac… my iphone. :) Roll your eyes, go ahead… but spend this much time with and depend this much on a little slice of technological brilliance and you’ll name yours, too. The PHONE function, the actual reason for it’s existence, isn’t really impressive and quite undependable, but it’s most redeemable quality is that it scratches that itch to use SOMETHING to capture and fits ever so stylishly in my pocket. ;) So if you start to second guess my photographic skills below, know that I joyfully documented my past few travels all with my phone and got to leave the big-daddy camera at home.

TRIP ONE | NOLA … I got to visit New Orleans this past fall for Pictage Partner Con and a dear friend’s engagement shoot, and just couldn’t resist a trip back down for Mardi Gras. Gumbo, beads, bloody marys… it’s basically the single biggest celebration of the year with the most laid back folks you’ll find. And no, not in your ‘girls gone wild’ type of celebratin’ way… but soaking up the sounds, indulging in all the flavors (and obviously 5 desserts for lunch) … and knowing that you haven’t caught enough beads until you can no longer move your head.

TRIP TWO | Colorado … my second time to the ROCKIES to visit my pal, AL … and this time I actually wanted to ski. After finally learning to ski ‘like a big girl’ (the non-snowplow and more grown up form of skiing/aka in control) this past winter in Big Sky, I was excited to practice the newly acquired skills in Breckenridge. I had also acquired a new APP (thanks to fellow photog Sarah B. Gilliam) and began my new and current obsession with the Hipstamatic. We finished the day with no injuries, the closest call was me, of course, just getting off the ski lift/gondola thingy. whew. :)

My pal Allison here, is a fellow artist/photographer, follower of Jesus and lover of mix cds. We actually met our freshman year of college in Drawing I and have been BFF ever since. :) The rest of the trip was composed of two creatives totally getting each other and indulging in taking photos in cool crusty spots, making videos, late night sing-a-longs and a little shop talk over wine. (See, I did something productive and work related… and hopefully have a little ‘by shea’ promo video COMING SOON!)

Then sadness sets in when it’s time to part with another long-distance friend and move on to the next spot. The above shot was taken in at the back of the airport tram. I adore color + movement. Then on the flight, I shot my favorite hipstamtic/iphone photos yet, caught of the sunset while flying back east. They reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Rothko, and his abstract paintings…



TRIP THREE | Vegas + WPPI … AND back on the plane again. Now joined with by my friend Lisette on our way to the WPPI Photography Convention/Conference and the Alpha Kappa Camera girls… but you’ll have to wait for the next post to learn what happened in vegas. ;) To be continued…

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