part two | eight states in eight weeks

PART ONE HERE in case you missed it!

So where was I? Not much… just heading to VEGAS to visit the Alpha Kappa Cameras (and maybe squeeze in some photo-knowledge at WPPI). ALPHA KAPPA CAMERA = photo sorority–obviously, and totally made up–wonderful. This was our second time to gather from all over the country. Who wouldn’t love to share a suite at the MGM Grand (and pretty much everything else) with these lens lovin ladies? A few photos below of our 2009 beach-get-a-way blind-date-esque trip to Charelston.

The Nikon vs Canon shot. What are the odds? Split straight down the middle… Blondes with Nikons and Brunettes with Canons? NO kidding.

These jam-packed, fun-filled days couldn’t have been better… but let’s face it… writing isn’t my strength and I’m going to pass the almost impossible job of summing up our trips to my buddy SAM = brilliant writer, photographer, PENNY SLOT WINNING, buddy from Maine.


*a photo enhanced cliff notes version of vegas*

Our first photo back together. I promise we’re all really experienced photographers, just used to more complex equipment.

overhyped pricey laser parties redeemed by unlimited photo-booth entertainment

WPPI = overload of information + tons of new ideas for clients + dozens of pages of never-ending notes on things I still need to do to be really good at my job…

whew, thank goodness, another photobooth!

ten thousand pennies for sam + secret dessert donor for twelve + limos and veils + nikon bags full of ice :)

I couldn’t love all these girls more… and feel so blessed. Can’t wait for our trip this summer: Montana!

Next stop: PHOENIX with fellow akc buddy, Cristiana Owen…. and it’s 1:43 am, so… to be continued. :)

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