cancer // #loveprayshea

2.6.16 My cancer has a hashtag?! Oh my. My sisters walked in with a box full of the coolest little bands printed with #LovePrayShea. Seriously, it’s very surreal, strange and exciting to see my name on one of those special reminder bracelets you see people wear who are praying for someone in need. Seeing how many were in the box made me well up at the thought of this many people supporting our little family. I got excited and emotional and felt… Read more »

cancer // photos with my eva

2.4.16 A dear sweet friend, Sara Rose, came early this morning to spend time with us, laugh, cry, clean my house, talk about Jesus and take photos of me with my sweet Eva. Seriously, this girl was on her knees wiping my floor and then captured these precious moments with my baby. I hope Eva can look at these one day and see strength and love and happiness. I hope she can see how much I love her. I hope… Read more »

cancer // incredible news

2.3.16 Time for the follow-up appointment, anxious to hear if they found any cancerous cells in the organs they removed from surgery. The nurse called to say they wanted me to meet with the radiologist while I was there, and that they had the results from the tests, but she wouldn’t tell me if it was good or bad. They wanted me to take a hearing test as well, as sometimes the cisplatin can damage your hearing. (Awesome). Mom, Dad and… Read more »

cancer // life is terminal

2.1.16 Today was so restful. My sweet sister and mom decluttered our tiny house. I was getting overwhelmed looking at all the STUFF exploding from behind every door while being trapped on the couch. Confession: In the back of my mind today, I started wondering if Eva really remembered me (I know that’s silly and I blame the missing hormones and the devil trying to steal my joy) but the thought was still there. So many other sweet people have been taking… Read more »

cancer // bottle battle victory

1.31.16 Woke up to see my sweet girl just smiling and grinning as big as she could. I took a little video to remember. She lights up when we walk in the room. She’s finally noticing who we are, or at least she knows, ‘hey, they’re around a lot, I need them.’ She took the bottle from my sister right away. She was doing so well, we put her in my lap and I tried feeding her halfway through… and… Read more »