Adalynn Ray

A gerber baby if I’ve ever seen one… my cousin, Kelly Lynn, brought home her 2 day old baby on Sunday… Adalynn Ray Head… with quite the head of hair! (Speaking of… fun fact: did you know you can ‘glue’ a bow to a babies head with KY Jelly?… yeah…hmm…)

Poor thing was born on Friday the 13th, as much as her mother tried to avoid it. But she seems like a pretty luck little lady… her cousin, Charlie, came to visit (notice he’s wearing a t-shirt and diaper… his dad was in charge of dressing him… so funny). I’ve now photographed pretty much the whole side of the family with little Charlie’s one year portraits, big Charlie’s engagement portraits and now little Adalynn’s debut… guess it’s good to have a photographer in the family?

And of course, a few shots of her new little room… The doll house was built by our Pap-pal when we were small… I’m glad we saved these for our barbie crazy girls one day…

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