Yoga Belly…

A first for me: belly shots. No, not drink shots off a belly, havent tried that either, thank goodness, but photos of my preggo buddy, Shannon. We worked at Parisian together and have all kept in touch since then. We threw her a baby shower that morning (check out the cool yellow t-shirt I got the baby, in the slideshow) and out in the heat for belly shots that afternoon. Trooper! She happens to teach yoga and had the cutest little bod… all dressed in black, against a white wall, she practiced all her favorite yoga posses.

Her husband Todd joined us in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where I photographed their engagement portraits… we thought it would be cool to go back to the same spot in the bamboo forrest.

Then… she let me paint her belly… which I have been dying to do! Tiny Dancer and Mini Sweet, they call her… and her little room worked as the perfect backdrop. Can’t wait for her to get here for more and more baby glamour shots!

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