Abby + Olivia

These two girls remind me how much I miss carefree summers, running around barefoot and sporting tu-tu’s and princess dresses. They remind me of how thankful I am to have sisters, and how I should have soaked up all that fun time when we were little, and too busy fighting over every single thing. :) It’s definitely a special bond like no other, and you can see that in little Abby and Olivia. They’re too cute for words… I work with Abby and Olivia’s mom at Portico and was SO excited to finally photograph girls! Seems like I’ve been shooting a lot of little boys lately and wasn’t always sure what to do with them! But girls… I get… spinning, posing, being super-model princesses… and how it makes you giggle to say ‘boo-tay’. Definitely have to watch the slideshow, there are just too many cute ones to post.

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