Coming Soon: Baby Wright!


WELL… I thought the debut of my brand new website would be a perfect time to announce some even BIGGER NEWS!

So excited to finally share that God has blessed us with a sweet little baby! We have prayed for this little one and are so very excited, overjoyed, pumped… our cup overflows! There aren’t words, really. It just doesn’t seem real! I can’t get over that there is a real life tiny human growing inside me! (and that it has to come out! eek!)

Little did we know, we took our tiny gummy-bear sized baby with us on our first mission trip! haha! We found out just a few days after we returned from Honduras that we were expecting! We had our first ultra-sound on April Fools Day (so you know I had some fun with that!)

I’m 12 weeks along right now and due early November! I’ve been feeling so great, no sickness at all! Just pretty sleepy and constantly hungry. I bought this silly t-shirt about a year ago in hopes to get to wear it soon. My sweet friend Courtney (who also photographed Josh’s proposal) came by the studio to take some quick fun photos of our next big life event!

We are so very thankful and excited and can’t wait to experience all these BIG BIG changes, together!


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