2010, What took you so long?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It seems a common theme around my close friends and family to be happy to see 2009 leave and have a fresh new start. It was quite a year of changes and challenges: moving from Birmingham to Clarksville (pretty hard) … loosing my job at the magazine and becoming a 100% self employed photographer (scary)… remodeling a house (always love a project)… traveling all over the country (always love travel, too)… my sister’s DIY wedding (so much fun and so much work)… 25 weddings (including actually being IN a few!) and over 100 portrait sessions squeezed in somewhere… whew!

I have been so blessed and received endless support from friends and family… and finally, reached a point of general ‘caught-up-ness’ where I can share all these experiences and adventures on the blog! So get ready for a marathon… the biggest blogger slacker in the world is about to attempt her first new years resolution and blog EVERY DAY for at least a month! I’m also excited about sharing my goals for the year and big plans in the works.

Since no post is fun without a photo, check out this oldie below… little Shea. I used to be QUITE the ham. I modeled, posed and performed wherever I went. Although us Halliburton girls still instinctively turn around and grin whenever a camera is in hand, I sure enjoy being behind one, now. Soon after this shot, I fell directly into my grandmother’s rose bushes behind me. That also hasn’t changed: I’m the most clumsy person on earth.


I have scanned a ton of old family photos recently and it brought back so many fun memories… I just had to share. You can see more on my facebook page, and check out my facebook photography site, too… I post all my slideshows and recent work there and would love to have you as a fan!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2010!

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