Drum roll please….

Welcome to the new byShea blog! {insert applause here!} I know it’s been awhile since my last post, and I’m pumped to finally show why! I’ve been dying to work on a fancy new blog (among a new website and hundreds of other things), but until now, just haven’t had the time! I’m excited (and admittedly a tiny bit nervous) to announce that I’m now a full time photographer! whew… Getting kicked out of the “day job nest” was a God send–perhaps time to take the other fork in the road, hmm? On top of leaving Birmingham, moving back home with mom & dad, soon becoming an aunt, and recently becoming a victim of corporate consolidation–I hope I have reached my quota on life changes so far this year! So look around and get ready for lots and lots of new things coming up! You’ll see my old posts down below and a few new ones showing off the supersize photos! Watch for session and package info, and FAQ sections coming soon, as well. Definitely leave comments and suggestions… I love feedback! Next on the list: finish the website that has been under construction for over a year. {sorry!}

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