whew… Happy New Year!

I spent the day catching up on the last of my work for 2008 and whew… it’s been quite a year! After looking back on every wedding and photo session finished, all while keeping a full time job (and squeezing in a little ole’ house remodel), I can’t help but be proud! … and I can’t go without thanking everyone who has supported me so far. To all my ‘big fans’ who have more confidence in me than I deserve and have patted me on the back and spread the word… I couldn’t have had one drop of success if it wasn’t for you! To all my assistants who help keep my sanity and captured so many great shots in mean time! :) Thank you, Will for your patience and support while I fill up half of our weekends! I’ll try to control myself in 09 and learn to say ‘no’. haha.

Thank you God for blessing me with a gift, and on top of that, turning it into such a FUN and rewarding job! A dream job really… and I can’t take one bit of credit on my own.

Happy New Year, my precious ones! (insert mushiness here)
I’m so excited about 09 and all the changes to come!

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