Carter Day

Carter Day

At what age did we start caring about a little sucker juice running down our bellies? Recently, I photographed my good friend’s little man… Cater Day. It’s always quite the adventure chasing around toddlers, trying to focus, meter the light, and think about composition all at once… but it’s so rewarding when you get that one great shot out of 50! I wasn’t sure how many we would even be able to shoot when I arrived… at first sight of… Read more »

Brooke + Cleve

One of my best buddies, Brooke, and her fiancĂ©, Cleve…They recently moved to Cincinnati… boo… but came back to Birmingham for their engagement photo shoot on Morris Ave. I’m also shooting their wedding in Southport, NC this fall. SO excited! View their slideshow here. Just love these two. :)

Meg + Brian

Just shot some engagement pics for one of my good friends, Meg and her PRECIOUS fiance, Brian. :) They have SO much fun together, as you can tell by the photos… I barely had to prompt them to laugh! haha. See more of their e-session here.

Rebecca + Brian

I got the pleasure of shooting Rebecca Keene and Brian McClure’s rehearsal dinner and luncheon for their wedding weekend… She was possibly the most laid back bride I’ve ever been around! Everyone was having a great time… See more of their photos here.

Avery Russell

took photos of little avery russell this past sunday…on her one month birthday!view her slideshow here.