Sara’s bridal session | clarksville wedding photographer

Sara’s bridal session | clarksville wedding photographer

Hmm… where to begin this blogging marathon? (decided to adjust that blogging ‘everyday’ to every weekday’ haha)… How about with my favorite bride of 2009? I’m a little biased, but the winner is… my sister, Sara. It was SO special to get to do these bridal portraits… and can’t believe that we’ll be doing bridals for my baby sister this year, too! We started out in a gorgeous weed-filled pasture, then moved down the road to our friend’s home. He… Read more »

2010, What took you so long?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It seems a common theme around my close friends and family to be happy to see 2009 leave and have a fresh new start. It was quite a year of changes and challenges: moving from Birmingham to Clarksville (pretty hard) … loosing my job at the magazine and becoming a 100% self employed photographer (scary)… remodeling a house (always love a project)… traveling all over the country (always love travel, too)… my sister’s DIY wedding (so much… Read more »


still here. still kickin. :) and lately these days, feeling like a cranky flower girl. :) I just stopped in my tracks, here on a friday night, with a heated blanket in my lap, editing Stephanie and J’s seriously C.O.O.L. wedding… to share this photo. It pretty much sums up the late nights and need for a break, lately… holidays what? do I still have friends? where did the fall go? …. i think i can, i think i can…… Read more »

a friday feature: brides boutique photo shoot

Yes, it’s friday night and I’m trying to whiddle down my never ending to-do list. Don’t feel sorry for me, though…it’s my own fault. There are just too many exciting things going on! The latest house project of painting diamonds on my sunroom floor, working on my sister’s wedding for next weekend, lots of super fun shoots and weddings to edit…oh my! Blogging about all my adventures seems to end up on the backburner every week, but I promise to… Read more »

A Practical Wedding

I just got an exceptionally giddy email from one of my best friends, Sarah. She was so excited to be featured on one of her favorite blogs, “A Practical Wedding”. Sarah and her dear hubby, Patrick, had a gorgeous wedding in Indianapolis this past May. I had the honor of being not only the photographer, but along with 12 other lucky girls, was asked to be her ‘something blue’. Be sure to follow her blog, “The I Do Chronicles” and… Read more »