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Yoga Belly…

A first for me: belly shots. No, not drink shots off a belly, havent tried that either, thank goodness, but photos of my preggo buddy, Shannon. We worked at Parisian together and have all kept in touch since then. We threw her a baby shower that morning (check out the cool yellow t-shirt I got the baby, in the slideshow) and out in the heat for belly shots that afternoon. Trooper! She happens to teach yoga and had the cutest… Read more »

Adalynn Ray

A gerber baby if I’ve ever seen one… my cousin, Kelly Lynn, brought home her 2 day old baby on Sunday… Adalynn Ray Head… with quite the head of hair! (Speaking of… fun fact: did you know you can ‘glue’ a bow to a babies head with KY Jelly?… yeah…hmm…)Poor thing was born on Friday the 13th, as much as her mother tried to avoid it. But she seems like a pretty luck little lady… her cousin, Charlie, came to… Read more »

Beau’s Big Birthday!

Meet Beau Bryant…I was so excited to capture little Beau’s first birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Bubble machines, balls, blow up bouncy things… and all your best friends…what more does a birthday boy need?

Carter Day

At what age did we start caring about a little sucker juice running down our bellies? Recently, I photographed my good friend’s little man… Cater Day. It’s always quite the adventure chasing around toddlers, trying to focus, meter the light, and think about composition all at once… but it’s so rewarding when you get that one great shot out of 50! I wasn’t sure how many we would even be able to shoot when I arrived… at first sight of… Read more »

Avery Russell

took photos of little avery russell this past sunday…on her one month birthday!view her slideshow here.