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it’s wedding season…

And I’m elbow deep in it! Almost half the year has gone by… where have I been? Hm… maybe traveling everywhere from Indianappolis to the Mobile Bay, and having a blast doing the most fun job, ever! I know it’s so hard to wait the normal 4 to 6 weeks to get your wedding photos back… so my new goal is to try to post at least a couple sneak peeks after each wedding. (now that I have my laptop… Read more »

Drum roll please….

Welcome to the new byShea blog! {insert applause here!} I know it’s been awhile since my last post, and I’m pumped to finally show why! I’ve been dying to work on a fancy new blog (among a new website and hundreds of other things), but until now, just haven’t had the time! I’m excited (and admittedly a tiny bit nervous) to announce that I’m now a full time photographer! whew… Getting kicked out of the “day job nest” was a… Read more »

whew… Happy New Year!

I spent the day catching up on the last of my work for 2008 and whew… it’s been quite a year! After looking back on every wedding and photo session finished, all while keeping a full time job (and squeezing in a little ole’ house remodel), I can’t help but be proud! … and I can’t go without thanking everyone who has supported me so far. To all my ‘big fans’ who have more confidence in me than I deserve… Read more »

these boots were made for…

being BEHIND a camera.My good friend and awesome photographer, Jessica Wright, and I played a fun little game… put ourselves in FRONT of a lens for once, to see what it really feels like. um… akward! Actually it was really beneficial to see what my clients experience while I’m shouting out commands to ‘be yourself’ and ‘stand like you always do’ and ‘throw your head back and laugh out loud with your mouth open, duh!’ errr… sorry guys! :) I… Read more »